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Online Loan Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions play a main role in financial services. It fully depends on the limitation and relaxation of any services. So everyone must know this type of information before do any action. The terms and conditions tell our users how their work will be performed by the company and if you want to take any action on this website then what are the things you have to take care of. It covered the whole norms related to new applicants, complaints, communication with customer care, documentation process, and more. So once you must see these points which are given below.

"These terms and conditions fulfill the rules and regulations for the use of its Website. By accessing this website we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not continue to use its website if you do not agree to take all of the terms and conditions stated on this page."

Terms & Conditions

  • Up to ₹40 lakhs personal loan
  • Competitive interest rates starting at 10.49%
  • Loan tenure up to 60 months
  • Processing Fee up to 6% + taxes
  • No hidden charges applicable for loans
  • Verification charges applicable
  • Penalty for defaults applicable
  • EMI = P x r x ( 1 + r )n / ( ( 1 + r )n - 1 )
  • All loan processes are converted into online
  • All documentation process via web-mail or WhatsApp
  • We compulsory need to verify your identification
  • All loans only provided India and Nepal country
  • Check every loan interest rate and EMI
  • All loans need different documents for verification
  • Personal loans need salary slips
  • The loan privacy policy may be changed from time to time
  • Terms and conditions updated from time to time
  • Loan applier name must be same in documents
  • Sometimes processing charge applied
  • You have to pay government taxes
  • Your charges refundable with your loan amount
  • Loan transfer maximum time is 3-5 working days
  • Loan complaint need full details of the complaint
  • The interest rate may be changed after sometime
  • Use of this website, means you accept all rules and regulation
  • Customer care is available 24 hours
  • Customer executive response maximum time 48 hours
  • For more latest updates and information, read blogs
  • Life Insurance powered by the LIC
  • follow the rules of all financial service
  • check the eligibility criteria to avail of the loan
  • followed the repayment of the loan
  • follow payment policies and their charges
  • other charges applicable
  • Loan status will be updated via mail
  • Due to coronavirus, you may take more time to connect with our customer care executive
  • You should read the Privacy Policy of the website
  • If you are spamming here then the company will take legal action against you
  • We are the only website that is associated with India Loan Bank Limited