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Online Loan Complaint Process

Online Finance Complaint Process

It is mandatory to fill in all criteria but correct details because when the company will send your online complaint form of finance service then your details like and address must match with your proof which one provided by you.

This is also a security process because we don't take any action regarding your complaint application until we find out whether your problem is genuine or not. It may take some time so you have to co-operate with us and wait for your time.

This is also related to verifying process that we need some answers regarding your complaint form like when did this happen and is there any financial or physical damage caused? All this information will make our work easier.

As there is some documentation during all private or government work, under the same policy, we ask you for your identity proof documents for your identity. You can rest assured that all your documents are safe and secure here.

After all startup work process and successfully verified the complaint form then the company take fast and reliable action and try to resolve that issue as soon as possible. You just co-operate with us and we will keep you updated from time to time.

This is a final step, we refund or transfer your amount in your bank account except taxes. The company demands you some taxes of all over these processes. You have to pay otherwise the company cut from your refund amount.

Loan complain online in India

Why do need to complain against financial services?

In India, many companies and agencies claim that they provide a loan service or any other financial service but it is not happening at all times. Some of them are wrong and they are not such a financial company or agency that provides any loan facility. So this is the major reason for complaining to the finance service nowadays. Another part, some of them demand extra charges and taxes all time. So these two reasons are very critical in our society. In a few times, people connect with us to different issues. So we hope that you may also differ reason to come here but whatever the reason, if you have any issue related to loan service then you can complain fast so that we will resolve it as soon as possible.

When you apply and your loan is approved even but any transfer process does not happen so far and also you have been paid charges and taxes but the department do not take action so you must contact us oo choose complaint section so that we will take action on this type of sectors and by putting force on such company or agency, we will try to get your money transferred as soon as possible. If this does not happen, then our company will put pressure on those companies to refund your money which you have given to such companies for taking the loan. During all this tenure, we keep giving you all the information from time to time. So the people have no reason to complain against loan services or online complain to finance services.

We are the No.1 finance company that provides the best loan service in India. The RBI verified our platform and we are certified by ISO. That's why everyone trusts us easily because we give more importance to faith in our work. We approved million of loan services as well as life insurance services. In a few cases, we have received any complaint against our service otherwise all customers are very satisfied and happy with us. We have many facilities and functionality for you so if you want to know all information you have to communicate with our expert fro which you have to fill out the contact form. We will try you give you suitable and helpful advice so that you can make the right decision against financial service in the future and do not get entangled in any problem.